Limiter and headphone

Can the limiter be deactivated?

Is there a headphone EQ?

Is there an optional, adjustable headphone delay?

Is there an owner lockout in the settings?

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Tried reading the X1800 guide? Pages 12-14. If it’s not listed, the answer is no.

Headphone EQ, that’s an interesting one. Don’t think I have ever swen one of those on a mixer. Essentially you’d want to hear what your audience is hearing. If you want a particular sound “color”, see more brilliant high or extra bass boost, you should find a headphone that offers that.

One I really don’t get is the wish/need for headphone delay. Could you explain why you’d want that? I am just curious by nature :slight_smile:.

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Both X1600 and X1700 have it.

Like the other guy said, the other Denon digitals have headphone EQ, and so do the PPD 01, PPD 9000, Tascam X9.

To delay the headphones so the sound arrives at your ears at the same moment as the sound from the rest of the sound system, which is likely going through delays, anyway, not to mention further away spatially. Putting a DSP between the headphone jack and the headphones is a hassle, and the DJ mixer now is a DSP. Might as well make it more convenient for us for this much money.

I remember something along these lines being discussed and dismissed a few years ago.

The difficulty being that you’d need a digital delay on the DJs hands also.

The premise that sound trickles along at a sluggish 342 metres/1120 feet per second is the factor. So, sound from a speaker thats pointing at the DJs location, from the other end of a 40 metre dancefloor, reaches the DJ around 117 milliseconds later than when it left the speaker. Thats 1/16th of a beat @ 128 BPM.

If you have the headphones, or dj booth monitors delayed by 117ms, even things that you dont want delayed will be delayed, such at cue points, beat matching adjustments (just adjustments, not beat matching itself)

Whilst sound delay from distant speakers is a problem, the working solution is Split Cue, which is already featured on the X1800.

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“The difficulty being that you’d need a digital delay on the DJs hands also.”

No clue what you’re going on about with delaying the DJ’s hands. And the delay I’m talking about here is fairly inconsequential, like what people have with DVS latency or just slightly worse. If someone’s bothered by a very slightly sluggish cue setting behavior with the adjustable delay turned up so the headphone sound reaches your ears at exactly the same time as the rest of the sound system sound, then they can turn they can turn the headphone delay to zero. Optional, not fixed. Split cue is not the solution, either. I asked the Mixxx dudes to put a headphone delay option in there, they did, and people love it. DJ at a huge venue, in the lighting book as the opener or backup opposite a sound system (best spot to dj in the house, actually), or around folded horns that already acoustically delay and require the tops to be delayed to match them and you’ll see what I mean. The only issue is whether the digital mixer has the processing/memory to actually do such a function to be useful.

After you guys implement a headphone EQ, you might want to also allow the EQs to be made post-cue so they can’t be heard in the headphones as another option. I know some people specifically choose Xone mixers for that feature and several other features. I was surprised the X1700 didn’t have that feature.

Sorry, I didn’t explain that very clearly.

Ok, so imagine I’m at my mixer, with sound taking (from the same example) 117ms to reach me (lets call it a tenth of a second) and lets say that my cueing headphones are delayed by a tenth of a second also…Next, I’m cueing a new track up to a particular beat, and pausing that track so its ready to “launch” when I press play. Here’s the snag. I’m standing there, listening to the delayed sound and I hear the part of the track approaching that I’m going to start the cued track at… The “mix point” (if you like)… arrives at my ears, and I hit PLAY…

(but I’ve hit play 117ms too late in the mix, as I’ve started an un-delayed sound, at what sounded like the right moment, but was out by 117ms)

One, it’s optional. Two, if you’re using headphones to set cues or hit play, it’s probably not the live track that’s playing, so the cue can be adjusted. Pitch bending a bit already has to be done in your scenario anyway when hitting play, because the main system will be acoustically delayed to your ears, anyway.

At least if you are single-ear monitoring and/or sound is bleeding in from the main system through poorly-isolating headphones (the norm), then getting things in-phase, by-ear by pitch bending is going to be MUCH easier with an optional headphone delay.

By the way, you would be surprised how small these delays actually are in relation to where the beats are. I think you’re making too big a deal out of it.

There are plus and minuses to both using a delay and not using a delay, but I find it is much easier to deal with acoustic and necessary DSP delays this way than simply blaring the un-delayed booths and headphones even louder to try and mask the main system’s offset.

Again, the mixer now IS a DSP. Might as well provide the option. I think you will be surprised at the utility of it for people that still use their ears entirely when mixing in such already-preexisting delay situations.

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, and actually inventing it square and then re-inventing all roads to accept square wheels…

Just use the existing, working, and wonderful solution to sound delay from distant speakers, if there are no booth monitors… Press the Split Cue button in on the mixer.

Split Cue means that in your headphones, what the audience are hearing goes into your right ear, and what you’re cueing up next, goes into your left ear. Quick, Easy, No delays, already here, simple and it really works.


Request noted - thanks

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Amen to that. And kudos to Denon for incorporating Split Cue in their controllers !!!