LIMITED TIME OFFER! Buy two SC5000M (Now with Serato DJ support) and get a FREE X1800!

For a limited time, DENON DJ is offering an incredible deal so you can get the best DJ setup for your personal rider.

The SC5000M is now even more powerful with added Serato DJ Accessory support and the ability to use music streaming services (coming soon).

Purchase two SC5000M Media Players between November 1st, 2019 and December 31st, 2019, and get an X1800 MIXER for FREE!

Contact your local dealer to claim your deal!

Watch promo video here


Amazing offer !!! Many will be sold, I’m sure

Just for info. They dont know anything about this at the danish dealer.

Seems to be live in the UK


It’s live in Ireland as well. :grin:

Another splendid sales, I bet a truck load of serato users will be looking at it.

The more the merrier…Prime Everywhere


Great move …

This is an unbelievable offer.


No doubt and helps people use the Prime setup as intended with the x1800 which I think is a top-notch mixer! Another year another killer Denon offer!

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That kind of ■■■■■■ me off. Just bought a set of 2 SC5000M´s and a X1800 Mixer just a week ago.

Take it back in your cool-off period, if the shop gives one, then buy it again.

The shop will probably be able to do it all as a paper trail and your three items won’t have to leave your desk

Thank you, was my second thought too. Is this a worldwide offer?

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Send it back then buy the b-stock that you know they are suddenly in receipt of :shushing_face:

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new hardware must be incoming??? sc5000 been out three years!?

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Think how decrepit that makes Nexus :spider_web:

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Word of the day :man_technologist:t5: had to look that up


Wow, incredible deal for those looking for these units.

Wow, Denon’s on a rampage. That’s good offer.

Can confirm, offer is live in Canada!

I bought 2 x SC5000M’s from store dj in March this year and with what $ I had left over I had to settle for a $650 4 channel behringer ddm4000 mixer…if only I waited until now to purchase them then all I would need to do now is buy the sera to pro dj licence but wouldn’t of known about this back then anyway. Not to forget to mention I did actually get a discount deal back in March on purchase of the players($1,779AUD) each instead of $1,999AUD each so I managed to save myself $400 the behringer ddm4000 4 channel mixer still performs the job of bedroom/hobbyist djing.

Says local retailer so would mean all dj gear shops worldwide that sell the players including purchasing from these retailers online