Limit on post editing is rediculous


Limit on post editing is ridiculous. Never seen a forum do that. Just added to a post. Corrected something. Then found the use of punctuation marks fouled up by the forum itself. Try to spell it out as asterix period asterix, and I’m out of edits. Can’t reply to the same thread again because I have to “wait for others to participate first” or some nonsense.


Yeah, I have mentioned this several times in the past. It also appears quite a few users have their posts held back for moderator approval which really just puts people off posting at all.

Gary is gone now so maybe the new forum person will have a more lenient attitude.


The limits are there for a Reticuli-ous reason, I guess :joy::joy::joy:

Anyway, it is somewhat annoying, but it makes you read and double check the text more often before posting.


I experience this only if I include a link in the post.


That was going to be looked at as well.

Not sure what’s happening lately but it’s been quiet from the Denon staff.


Let me look into this for you guys - I’ll chat with the team members that look after the Forum operational parameters…


That is a really good top feature on a forum. people just talking back onto themselves is very so boring. Please forum bosses never change that setting.


Yes denon is getting silent these days. Maybe the next firmware releases are the reason ?


You shouldn’t then prevent people from EDITING THEIR POSTS, though, to amend it with new or revised information. Come on, man. Get real. The other goofy thing now is threads being locked after 24hrs. No offense, but this forum is not exactly bustling with activity. Don’t want duplicated topic threads? Don’t want people posting a dozen times after themselves? Then you don’t put limits on editing posts or auto locking threads due to inactivity. On the latter, if you give the OP the ability to lock a thread as being “solved” or something, that could be justifiable, requiring discussions that tangent off that thread or develop to re-post somewhere else.