Lightweight case/bag w/ wheels? For full setup / 2 players only/ 1 player + mixer?

Hi people,

Do you travel with your prime setup and if so what do you use?

I really want to ditch the controller/laptop world and go all in on a SC5000m setup. However, as I do a lot of pop-up gigs, my main concern is the combined weight. With the additional weight of the motorised jogs I think it may be really impractical to lump everything in a heavy flight case that alone weighs 25kg+/- to cart it up and down stairs and all over the city.

Heavy wood and metal flight cases seem like massive overkill when plastic or a padded wheeled bag/trolley would suffice.

On occasion I might just want to take out 2x Players (no mixer) and sometimes 1 player + a mixer. Does anyone know of a wheeled bag/case that could hold two of these units. When I need all three I could sling a separate bag over my shoulder. Three separate padded bags also seems a little impractical.

Anyone one know of anything lightweight and practical for 2-3 Prime units? I’d much appreciate anything constructive!

I wouldn’t go for anything flimsy or just padded bags when it comes to protecting such an investment as a prime rig.

I’d also avoid wheels on the case. I used to have a mixer/cd combo in a case with wheels and wheeling it around was more trouble than it was worth. The wheels that are added to flightcases and hold all’s etc are usually the hard plastic type with no tyres and no other padding around the wheels, and no suspension of course. This meant that any bumps the case got pulled over we’re giving the gear a rough ride. Most nights the trundling across a brick paved courtyard was enough to change the equaliser setting ms on a third octave graphic (about 30 sliders) and one bad time, an internal pcb mounted fuse was shaken out of its pcb holder by a trip over about 50 metres of flattish flagstones.

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Thanks for the advice .

Damn I just don’t know if I can justify carrying an awkwardly shaped 40kg+/- coffin on one arm as I trudge across London at 4am and navigate steep stairs.

I really need to find a company that can make something much lighter… something pelican case-esque to the right dimensions.

If inmusic would release an NS7/SC5000m hybrid… that’d prob save me a few KG. Saying that, maybe it’s best to have the weight split up between two arms.

Hey @MCharade we suggest Magma/UDG bags :slight_smile:

I seem to recall someone doing something just like this with a peli case. It had the mixer and 2 players sitting vertically if that makes sense.

It was a wheely case, pluckfoam on the inside. Looked really good. And way more compact than a coffin (which, I agree, is about the worst solution).

Found it:

Another thing to look at is this: Although you might have to walk the stairs twice with this solution :slight_smile:

I’d certainly not risk anything more costly or clever than a bog standard small midi controller in a soft padded bag. Hard flight cases for Primes I’d say.

On hard flight cases the weight is mainly in the wood. You can get hexboard cases, where the metal Skelenton edging etc is all still there but it’s all surrounding ultralight hexboard instead of wood

Thanks guys for the constructive advice. An increasing rarity!

A pelican case might actually work for me. I almost always need to do one trip from top floor home stairs>cab>walk>stairs>venue>navigate through crowd.

Looking at 3:10 on Laidback Luke’s vlog
That must be a 1637 Air Case. Less than 7KG and could hold whatever combination of 2-3 units I’d need plus space for cables/headphones. Although they’re not entirely covered in foam, if LL has put them in the cargo hold 100+ times with them like that then it must be a bulletproof solution for domestic gigs.

I suppose, if they’d still fit, I could also wrap each unit in a Magma/UDG padded bag before putting it in the peli, that way all the slots could be uniform size and shape and I can put whatever combination of units anywhere I like. There’s not much in it but the mixer is the heaviest so should really go at the bottom whenever it’s packed.

the solution would be this… …but for now doesn’t exist for sc5000… i own a magma case and is solid but too heavy!!!

We need a bag like this one!!! this would be the best solution for me!!!

Pad bags are ok for cheap and small items but the Primes aren’t either of those things

I would love to start using the SC5000s for mobile and club gigs. However we need a case where two SC5000s can be carried with ease without a mixer.

Wish we could have something where we can just carry 2 players with ease.

Udg bags can be handy. They have a shoulder strap.

I mentioned the peli cases before. The come with/without wheels and you can make the insides the way you want them