Light turns off and crashes when using line faders

Hi there! I’ve imported my new library including Soundswitch files to my Prime 4’s SSD. Some tracks respond perfect and also overwrites are fine. But somehow I’ve noticed that my lights go off when I use my linefader just a little bit. At this point, engine lighting crashes and won’t turn on again until I close engine lighting in lighting settings and restart it. This shouldn’t be normal behaviour. EDIT: this mainly happens when there are no other decks playing

The lights will be triggered by upfader channels to playback corresponding show. So when you dip a channel (like you do with channel 2 on the video) another higher fader takes over to playback that lightshow. Since there is a stopped track on channel 1 and 4 there is no lightshow to play there, but still those faders now got priority over the one being faded out… Solution is to have the other faders only up when you gonna play that track next up

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Okay, sounds logic to me but I think this wasn’t the case with older firmware versions. At the moment I bring the channelfader 1 back up to maximum, the Lightshow should go on again, because it’s the only track playing. This is also no solution for the not responding to any action/ crashing (overwrites,…) afterwards.

The faders have always behaved this way.

It looks like from the video that Engine Lighting isn’t crashing, please try pulling down all of the faders besides the one that is playing.

In regards to the crash, there should be some core dumps on the drive you have connected to the player.

Can you send those core dumps?

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