Library works with Mac/Player, but not windows

Hi There

I ran into a funny problem today where my Engine Prime Library (which is on a 200gb SD card), when placed in a reader connected to my windows desktop was recognised as being corrupt and that the library needs to be wiped and rebuilt. When the card was ejected and reinserted, engine prime crashed. if I now try to reload engine prime when the car is in the reader, it crashes almost instantly after loading. I then deleted engine prime and redownloaded it and it still crashes if the card is inserted.

However, I tried the same card in my MacBook pro and the card worked no problem, I then tried it in the players (sc5000m) and it also worked flawlessly.

I prefer to use my desktop for library management as it has big screen/better speakers, but I currently can’t use it as it it doesn’t work.

Obviously this isn’t a disaster, but I wondered if anyone else had run into similar problems and had found a solution?

Windows version overall seems to be not as stable. I have to go to the Mac to organize my music rather than use my Laptop. The crates take FOREVER to create on Windows for some reason but instant on the Mac

I thought as much (but it’s good to bring to denon’s attention on the forum)

I have tried copying the whole engine prime library (drag and drop folder) to another source and that didn’t work, so I am now using my Mac to build another engine library on a spare hard drive and copying the crates over one at a time to see if that works.

The problem began when I plugged the SD card in, the pc recognised the cards presence, but engine prime didn’t, do I pulled the card out (thinking if engine prime wasn’t recognising it it couldn’t be accessing the database) but when I pulled it out, a notice came up saying doing so may corrupt the database (which I have done previously). The fact it works on the Mac/player led me to not panic, but it does give me a little anxiety for gigs incase it decides half way though that the database is corrupt- hence me building a spare library right now.

A backup is definitely key. I think everyone is recommending that, not only with Engine Prime but in general.

Specifically with EP you will need a good backup just in case. Hopefully the next version or two will be better on Windows.