Library Sorting Needs Fixing

I’m happy that Denon added the ability to sort libraries by more than one category similar to a competitor, but unlike the competitor, it doesn’t sort properly, and probably needs a fix in a later update. For example, if I sort by BPM first and track title second, the titles are still not in alphabetical order according to their BPM placements. The same happens in reverse. So if I sort via track title then BPM, the tracks will be in alphabetical order, but they won’t be in order within BPM. I have images explaining what I mean but “new users can’t upload images” :roll_eyes:

Are you asking for all A’s sorted by bpm, then all B’s and so on? Dont think thats possible. Either you chose alphabetical or by BPM… Cant both at the same time. Maybe I misunderstood something:)

Are you holding shift when you click the 2nd column? You should see the actual columns become numbered if you’re sorting more than one column. In other systems, you don’t know what other sorting orders are being set. With this, you have better control.

That’s exactly what I’m suggesting, except vice-versa. So All songs at 100bpm are sorted alphabetically, then 101 sorted, then 102, and so on. So sort by BPM first, then sort alphabetically. IMO it makes it easier for an open-format DJ with a large library to sort through songs while still staying within a certain BPM range.