Library management

The last days I’m exploring the Engine Prime Software. There is no Library management? Tracks that moved from location or deleted from HD show up red into Engine, how can I clean up or relocate all the “Red” tracks at once? This is a crucial feature thats missing?


I think the same problem happens when adding tracks. Say you add some new tunes to a folder previously imported to the library, Engine will not add the files to the library automatically. One needs to explicitly add each file manually.

In most software of this kind, the program “observes” the library root folder and imports newly added files automatically.


Suppose you keep all your music into a single folder called “Music” and inside of this folder you have many other folders or files, organized according to your preferences. These preferences may include some music files, like for example some classical music or other music genres, that you don’t want to use in a mixing session. If Engine Prime scans the root folder automatically all these files will be added to the library database and analyzed, thus increasing its size unnecessary. Although you can keep all your music into a single main folder, your library database should contain references only to the files you want to use in mixing sessions. On the other hand, Engine Prime should keep track of its own library database, outlining the files that were moved or deleted from HDD and allow to eliminate or re-reference these “invalid” entries.

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i gather from experience that the way music is added to ep is by dragging it into a container i.e. crate, playlist, or the global collection. everything imported goes into the collection. if you want to limit what you put on a usb, just drag the playlist/crate to the usb.