Level Vinyl thru DS1

The same thing happens to me as to user Clay.

Hi im just checking if other people with DS1 have similar issues. if i play the same track from serato, and then from vinyl using thru mode, there is an appox. 10db difference (i would expect a slight difference between vinyl level and line level).

I would have thought that the levels between serato tracks and thru mode (normal vinyl) should be similar since they are both coming into the dj mixer as line level. It seems like the phono preamps in DS1 arent loud enough.

would appreciate if anyone experienced with using the DS1 with both serato timecode and normal vinyl records could comment on their experience.

is there any solution?

What’s up @chosky_17,

THRU MODE levels aren’t determined by Serato or the DS1. If you want to trim the level of Serato, you can do that through the MASTER LEVEL located on the upper right of your Serato display. Here you can turn the volume up or down on Serato’s output and match it to your vinyl’s output.

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There’s not enough information provided to answer this question properly.

Which cartridge are you using? Which headshell are you using? Which turntables are you using?

Most digital preamps are going to follow the same RIAA specifications across their range (in this case Serato Branded hardware). Your audio level can be determined by the amount of mv picked up at the stylus.cartridge minus the loss as the current moves through the tonearm wires then out the rca cables to the preamp.

This is why you would need to compare the DS1 to another standard preamp to determine if it is a failure of the DS1’s phono preamps or something else.

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My use is to exchange vinyls (thru mode) with vinyls from Serato (ABS or REL mode). Turning the volume down or up affects both types of vinyl. What happens to me is that the sound in Serato is much louder than in normal vinyl. Unlike what happened to me in the old Rane SL1. Thanks for answering.

I’m using Denon’s DS1, with Technics 1200 and Ortofon DJ cartridges. If I connect the turntables directly to the table, they sound much more powerful than the ones from Denon DS1- Serato Dj. I will have to modify gain on the table, but it is not normal at least when I have been using it without problem with Scratch Live and SL1 for years perfectly. Thanks for answering.

Which Ortofon carts are you using?

The SL1 also had a drop off at 16.2khz on its preamp. The preamp also added a bit of distortion. I believe, inmo, that’s why Rane went with a higher quality, quieter preamp for the SL3/4.

I am using ORTOFON CONCORDE DJ MKII. With Serato going backwards, the original vinyls (thru) sounded more powerful than the reproduction with serato vinyls (ABS-REL).

To the DS1 users… What comes in the package with the DS1?

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According to one of the shops this is included: 2 Serato NoiseMap timecode records and CDs, Contains all necessary cables

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Thanks Mike :muscle:

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No problem :slight_smile: