Level is too low for .flac tracks

  • Prime 4

  • Beta Version: 2

  • Steps to Reproduce: Play a .flac track compare to .m4a

  • Expected Result: .flac and .m4a are both lossless audio and should playback at the same level

  • Actual Result: .m4a files play at normal volume as expected. .flac files playback is close to half volume.

  • Reproducibility: Happens every time I play a .flac file.

  • Additional Notes: Requires turning up trim (level) knob to 75% just to get the level to normal. .flac and .m4a are both lossless. They should be at the same level.

  • Link to Video Repro:

Lossless talks of the zero loss of quality, not suggesting zero loss of signal gain level.

Any music / song might need adjustment of gain control, up or down. 75^ is still good within a headroom.

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Or if you are making or ripping the flax files yourself it could be your software settings like normalise

Would like to see some files of this. Load them up in SoundForge and see what their differences are.

I have tried this yesterday. I downloaded a mp3 track from my record pool and copied that track to a folder on my usb drive. I then made copies of it and converted one copy to flac, one copy to wav and a copy to m4a.

I know there was no sound goodness to be found by converting the mp3 to wav or flac, I only converted them for this test.

For me all the tracks sounded the same volume and looked the same on the cue and master led meters

Yeah of course it’s the same. That’s why I asked for the files.

A ripper I used to use when I was buying more CDs than I am buying now, used to let you set different options for each file format you ripped to or saved as so, with that it was possible to have like wav files recording lower than mp3 or louder mp4 than flac or whatever you wanted.

But maybe the same for wherever the op has been getting their different files from - maybe Beatport like is lower levels on their flacs but louder on their mp4 as example

Whilst all of the above are totally valid points, I think the real question to ask is… is the behaviour the same on earlier stable firmware‽