Lets see them custom jogwheel logos

What’s everyone’s custom jogwheel logos. Lets see them :slight_smile:

I cant wait for this. I gots me a logo already make up and picked out!

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I still like the one with the circle of fifths on it … thought that was a clever way to use that screen


Now even more with the keychange option! Would be awesome if denon could make one in High ress to perfectly fit…

Does my request/mockup count? :joy::joy: Please like the linked request if you dig it :relaxed:


Just tried to help a guy from the states get his logo on the P4, but for some reason it WONT - we tried the SC5000 way, but no luck.

Is there another way it should be done on the P4?

Added link to my website with last post. Guess I broke a forum rule by doing so. Trying again without link.


Nice one. My center logo is also my profile logo.

(Psst, take the foil of the platter!)


Not until I am sure it will be a permanent resident. Going to run it for a while and test through my pa before I make a decision.

Bought the EV Evolve 50s last year and those still have the sticker on them. One of those guys I guess.

Just have in mind, that keeping the foil on, can cause some issues with the touch-sensitive platter.

Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


but your not going to leave the film on the sc5000 for a year because thats a totally different thing?

Pulled em off. Saw a twitter post that a few folks had issues with the top layer of the ring peeling off with the sticker and wanted to make sure my unit didn’t have that issue. No problems with quality at all.

Now back to posting your custom wheels DJs!



Can you use different logos for each of the jog wheels and if show how do you do it?

Looks awesome. Still waiting for mine.

Here we are!! Dj NdN :point_left:t2::blush:


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