Left Jog wheel flickers and is acting like it is being touched

Hello Prime 4 Fans,

I noticed that tracks playing on deck 1 were stuttering or playing very slowly, after trying to diagnose what was going on I noticed that the left jog wheel was flickering and when I turned off vinyl mode, the track would start playing normally. It appears that my left jogwheel is being very sensitive and is thinking something is lightly touching it, I have reset the device and re-calibrated its sensitivity multiple times with no luck in making the flickering stop. I have also reset the device to the original OS and also upgraded to 1.5.1 and it has not corrected the issue. I’d really hate to have to use the device with a flickering jog wheel and vinyl mode turned off on deck 1 and would hate to have to send it in for repairs.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue and/or have any suggestions or recommendations for how to get the deck to act normally?

Unless the place you bought it from is offering their own special swap out or in-house authorised by denon repair services, I think this is your only option.

You’ve already done all the things you could to the prime 4 like calibration etc, and it was never going be the firmware

My attemp …

Turn off the device. Use a moisty microfiber cloth and clean the surface of the jogwheel. It could be that the jog is a bit electrostatic loaded. Wait until all the moist is away from the jog, and recallibrate the jog (without touching the unit). Also be sure, that your wall plug is earthed. (Try different wall plug and see if it will be better).

If all fails, you have to visit your local dealer.

Don´t use car cleaner for the jogs. It leaves an oily film, and this can also act in flickering. Then you have to clean the decks as well :wink:


All this to do in front at every switch on?

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I’ve had jog issues on the SC5000 that have been fixed by making sure the power connector is firmly seated in it’s socket in the back. Why this helps is somewhat beyond my meagre electronics knowledge, but it has worked twice! Jog worked intermittently and I pulled out and replugged the power in the back and all was well. Worth trying?

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Just clean your jogwheels with alcohol and microfiber. It is a « antistatic » problem. You may have ground problem. For example I can reproduce it almost everytime I have with my feet directly on the ground , whether i have not shoes.

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My MCX8000 had this a few times at one particular venue and it turns out it was a grounding issue in their power supply to the DJ box.

Checking power cords/receptacles/extensions etc could fix it as these conductive platters rely on good earthing.

Try the other stuff too and hopefully you’ll get to the bottom of it without sending it away.


…as do most of us. :smile:


Hahaha. Dammit.



I had a similar issue I did not play my Prime 4 like a month and after the turning on My left Jog act the same as you mentioned. I try to reboot and issue was still there, and then next day was the same. I was playing my Prime for like every second day and I dont know when I just realise issue is gone by itself.

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Hey everyone! I wanted to update that the issue has went away! I cleaned the whole unit including jog wheels with an alcohol dampened microfiber cloth. It didn’t go away right away but after leaving the unit for an hour or so, I turned it on and have not had the issue since the day after I made the OP.

Glad it seems to be resolved, no one from Denon has responded to my warranty inquiry. I’d hate for the issue to occur at a gig, but turning off scratch makes the issue go away so I’m not terribly worried. If it continues again, I will make sure to file a claim before my warranty runs out.

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Nice that cleaning helped you from that issue. Microstatic is a bad thing … I know that also from some notebooks :wink:

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Hi, this is a ground issue. Clean your jogwheel, and check your power cord (avoid multiple plugs). It should disappear.

I’ll give that a shot… :expressionless:

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