Left jog display OFF...Problem solved!

Goodmorning everyone!

Today I am happy!

After a few months spent with the problem of the left jog literally dead on the display, today I can say that Denon has solved the problem in full.

First of all I have to thank @EthanLeo (Italy) who was the first to follow me in the problem by making me do various remote test tests. Always available to give me advice. Thanks so much!!

I thank @JWiLL who followed me on the forum and put me in touch with JOE HIGGINS of Denon Europe, who immediately took care of the problem. Thanks precisely to Joe, because within 20 days, he sent me a new P4 at home, 100% functional.

Two days ago the courier arrived who came to pick up my defective unit, to have it returned to Denon. What about Denon …

I can only thank all the staff again and congratulate them, because only in this way are customers loyal. Great support!

Brava Denon, so do you !!

Thanks again to everyone. :slight_smile:



Hi @REIS - It’s great to hear you’re back up and running. Thank you so much for sharing your positive support experience - it means a lot!

As always, reach out if you need anything.

Happy mixing! :slight_smile:

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When my MCX8000 suddenly died in the middle of a gig it was Joe that I dealt with. He was great, kept me informed and had the controller repaired and returned in no time. Great customer service.


Yes, now I’m a happy child! Thanks again for everything, patience has been rewarded. hello everyone …