Left deck reading "Line In"

My left deck (1&3) is reading “Line In” instead of a track. I cannot load a track on it. My image is not on it’s jog wheel. All button lights are off, except the deck and shift lights. How do I make the deck become available. Please advise, I am new to Denon.

Hello DJ_Vonda; There are buttons/switches on the front panel (also where headphones can be plugged in).

Input Selector: Set these switches to the desired audio source from this channel: Engine/USB (a track playing on that layer in the software, or from a connected USB flash drive or SD card), or Line (a device connected to the inputs on the rear panel). Maybe you’ve accidentally set one of these buttons to line instead to usb.

Thank you Mike1, The input selector switch for deck #1 was in the line position. Once I switched it to USB, it came back up. I’m still just learning this controller and I have a way to go. However, once I learn everything, I’ll be very happy with this purchase. Thank again :blush:

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