Left deck of Prime 4. Pitch bend is automatically moving up and down

Pitch bend is automatically moving up and down on the left side with out me touching it. Even when I just power it on you can see the numbers moving. When I have serato on and stand alone it still does it. So might be something wrong with the board? I only had got the demon prime 4 four months ago.

maybe you have added some anchors to your tracks ? They are for variable speed tracks (flexigrid). When you have live music egg. you can add this anchors, where the other tracks can vari it´s speed to stay in sync. If you have normal produced tracks without fluctating speed, you don´t need to set the anchors - and then the bpm´s stay at a fixed number.

It only shows where your track starts to drift.

But when it starts changing speed up down without anchors on a track, then maybe you have dust in the pitch fader or maybe a buggy fader.

Thank you for your response! I think it’s a hardware problem. Even when I don’t have a track on the numbers still move up and down.