LED brightness

updated firmaware to 2.0. Is there still no way to control LED lights and buttons brightness? I only see screen brightness adjustment. Thanks

Just screen brightness. No dimmer control for every individual led and button - that would be a massive menu all by itself, especially considering how some people want a “when off” level of illumination as well as a “when on” level.

Store a set of sunglasses and a flashlight in the flightcase with your prime.

Hi @noviygera

Although there is no way to turn the brightness down of the LEDs on the player you could always check the request forum here and if there is not already a request for this feature you an add one.

No, not for every button. Like the screen control, same way. One control for all LED and buttons with blackout mode. That would be most needed. Otherwise this thing looks like a kindergarden toy. So now, I have to tape all buttons to bring this ridiculous lightshow down. Can’t believe the LEDs are not dimmable in any way,

thanks Revan. I just made a feature request.

Rejected, because it’s an old request already:

Screen/LED lights brightness adjustment - MEDIA PLAYERS / Feature Requests - Official Denon DJ Forum

Possibility to dim the leds brightness (Platter, buttons, pads, etc.) - MEDIA PLAYERS / Feature Requests - Official Denon DJ Forum

Like at least the first link! That was your first post in 2019 :wink:

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