LC6000 Pitchbend

The ‘pitch bend’ function does not work with the jog wheel. Works with ‘-’ key and ‘+’ key. The ‘front’ and ‘rear’ functions are not detected in vinyl mode or not. No ‘scratch’ function. On the same XMG DJ computer and Asus/2.6Ghz/16GRam. Pitchbend works with Virtual Dj. I have 2 x LC6000 which are detected in the midi settings (midi devices). I use them with MCX8000, DJ808, DDJ SX2, DDJ XP2.

Hello @jean-louis Welcome to the forum.

I think for any midi controller in serato You need to run internal mode. As Pitch controll is taken over by DVS - it will wait for the time code, not on midi signal.

Thank you for your response. I tested my 3 controllers. The ‘pitchbend’ (jogwheel) works with Ddj Sx2 and MCX8000 both in controller mode but not with the Dj808. With Virtual Dj, the ‘pitchbend’ of the jogwheels of the 3 controllers work. Indication of rotation movement and ‘serato’ logo is absent or has sometimes appeared in the central display of the jogwheel. Same results with 2 computers XMG Dj (32G ram) and Asus(2.6Ghz / 16G ram)

Ouh, Virtual Dj, I thought Serato - no idea why. Anyway, check for internal playback vs dvs mode.

Used with MCX8000 and DDJSX2, pitchbend / joghwheel ok but the sound is bad in scratch mode (Pc Asus & XMG Dj).