LC 6000 & SC 6000 Set up & integration

Hi, Received my players yesterday and have linked them by the supplied usb cable to each USB port at the rear. The LC6000 does have lights but I am unable to control the second layer of the SC 6000 straight out of the box. Does the SC 6000 need configuration in the menu settings ? The User Guide is not very helpful in this setting up stage imo. Thanks in advance. D

Hi @DAMOBEE, welcome to the forum!

Well, that’s because there isn’t any config to be made. Plug in and the view on the SC6000 changes to dual layer. You say that the LC’s light up; so power button is pressed, I presume.

At what firmware are your SC6000’s at?

Could you shoot a video or a photo of the back connections and post it here?

Hi Reese, im getting the new users cannot upload message, so that’s a no for the video. It looks like the firmware needs updating as a new version came out yesterday from what I can gather. Will see how I get on doing that LOL!

Great, but which version is it now? Support is already in several older firmware versions, so.

I’ve changed your account to member.

firmware 1.5.4

Okay, good idea to get to the 1.6 branch. That’s needed.

Let us know.