Layer & cue linking option under utility/preferences for SC5000 & X1800 combo POLL

  • Layer & cue linking option under utility/preferences for SC5000 & X1800 combo – The last layer button you’ve hit changes the solo-mode cue selection to that on the X1800, and hitting a cue button changes that deck to that layer up front.
  • I’d never use it and I’m scared it might be selected under options and I wouldn’t realize what’s happening or how to change the setting.

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Is all this just to remove the single, brief, momentary action of pressing “Cue” on the appropriate channel of the mixer?

It took me a couple reads to get this.

Basically: Option in X1800 to enable “Auto Cue”

When you hit the layer button on the sc5000, the X1800 automatically enables Cue for that Deck/Layer.

I got the 2nd option even though the description ofid be scared of it” is a heavily leading and patronising statement with, I reckon, a spring-loaded plea ready to fire.

I’ve got my Primes in front of me this evening and I worked through the workflow and, for me, the workflow would be torn apart by auto cue. I often change layers on both decks to check where the current playing track has got to, how far away it’s instrumental break or other mix-out point is etc, while listening to a different track in cue. Pressing layer flicks between my layers visually, while my ears stay locked on main output and cueing track

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I created this poll to find out user sentiments on it, not as a means of promoting the idea. The other poll on triggering the hotcue on assigning was more done as a means of promoting the idea to InMusic and showing a mass consensus on it. I was confident that one wasn’t going to be opposed by users. This one, I wasn’t so sure… indeed, I’m not so sure I even need this feature.

If you wouldn’t use the option but are fine with it existing as an option, then you’re not scared of its implementation and would fall under choice #1. This feature idea is admittedly sort of lazy, but for some people might be worth using. I find myself hitting layer and wishing it had just changed the solo cue choice, and hitting a solo cue choice and wishing it had also changed the corresponding layer. I think I could find some use for it.

and auto layer when you press a cue. So if you’re messing with the player, one touch of layer will change them both. If you’re messing with the mixer, one touch of cue will change them both.

If this setting was on and someone didn’t know how to turn it off, I’m worried it might be catastrophic for some users in a way that solo cue mode is not since you have the cue/master blend knob to get you by.