Latest Win10 Update Broke Drag n Drop

I am no longer able to drag and drop files from windows explorer into Engine Prime after the latest Windows 10 Update. :frowning:

Nice of Microsoft to spend enough time testing, to get their release right, isn’t it.

Once I got my disco laptop working the way I wanted it, I switched off updates. Microsoft is a pain, for the very reason you’ve mentioned above.

When I was still having to use it, virtual DJ was a pain as well, with their stupid policy of forcibly activating a new feature, possibly to draw users attention to it (dumb ass video overlay forced over all the video output, thanks for nothing Atomix).

Apple are perhaps even worse. They bring out new OS or updates, and it breaks connectivity with things that were working on old OS or versions and apple then expects thousands of users to contact their relevant hardware suppliers to beg for new drivers or firmware in their devices.

If you don’t need whatever windows 10 latest version offers, can you roll back ?

I have Windows updates permanently disabled. Atomix are still changing things in VDJ without telling people. Latest version changed the key detection settings and confused the hell out of a lot of users.