Latest Price Drop on the SC5000 and SC5000M


Do you mean that’s the overseas price?


Over the weekend prices in the States were $999, now they jumped to $1275. Blowing out old stock?


Where are you talking about that they jumped up?


Sold by Denon DJ on Amazon.


Seems to be an anomaly. Probably some fine print thing with Amazon that the other vendors’ agreements didn’t have. I think it’s safe to assume the other vendors are not blowing out old defective or inferior stock or anything like that. Probably InMusic trying to make its smaller vendors happy.


All I can tell you is that in the states this is a Black Friday/Christmas/Holiday Promo. It only lasts through Dec 31st. What I can also tell you is the Guitar Center and Sweetwater (and sweetwater is saying a few weeks til more come in) are already out of stock and the way InMusic works is that they only make new product when they have to, so you’ll be waiting for a while to get yours if they have to create more units. So I’m saying if someone wants these they better act fast or the chances they’ll be waiting for them for a while will probably be pretty high when the run out of stock. I couldn’t pass it up myself and I was a perfectly happy DDJ-SZ2 user! haha I think this price is gonna bring a ton of people on board and maybe some clubs to add them since they’re so cheap right now (which I hope is what InMusic is hoping for) and then bring the prices back up after the holidays when the demand is higher. I don’t imagine the SC5000 will go back up to 1899 (maybe 14 or 1599.00) but ya never know. It’s a severe price drop on an unbelievable setup no matter what.


I’ve never seen a Black Friday sale start 20 days in advance and last until New Years Eve. I guess this is a first if that’s true.


Well that’s what the flyer from InMusic said so that’s all I can tell ya! lol I just hope it grows the business and helps them keep supporting and updating these players! : )


Most UK stockists are not able to keep up with the demand. Heads up if you’re in the UK, if you go to ANDERTONS, they are the absolute cheapest on the mixer to go with this, and they had 2 left in stock from the 4 a week ago and interest free if you want too - but keep in mind their stock needs a massive firmware update when you get it. They are a guitar shop so its little known that they stock these and they dont really do dj stuff anymore. I asked them if they could order me some 5000m’s but they said end of nov at the earliest. WestEnd DJ and DJkit and BOPdj all said the decks were getting very hard to get in because there were originally only about 300 to 500 pairs in the UK pre price drop. Post price drop, they have been hard to get stock of pre-xmas, so yeah, if you see them, and want them pre-xmas, I would just get them. You can’t really go wrong at that price. My mind blows at the thought of getting 2 media players that are as good as this, with each one containing 2 layers (players) for nearly the price of a single NXS2 CD player. I won’t deny I am excited to see what pioneer come out with, but I won’t be excited to see the price of it! The only thing I need now are some decksavers - and i’m really excited to see the way people are setting up their platters. Enjoy!


Andertons is having a super blowout sale. I got Bop to price match them, I wasn’t exactly sure how post purchase will be with them as they are a guitar shop.

Black Friday or Xmas or Blow out …It’s a no brainer price if you are in the market for these.

I still think dey can go lower :grin:…€/£/$999


First time DJ here coming from using Native Instruments Maschine Studio and I just picked up my Denon Prime (2 SC5000’s & X1800) for under $900 each. Have some reservations with the ability to use the Maschine Studio setup through USB as audio though…we’ll see – may give mixer back for the Xone 96.


In Maschine 2, set your audio interface as the USB 2 soundcard. Set your outputs accordingly to match the unused channels on your x1800. Set that channel to usb 2.


Agree; maybe $499, or $599, at most.


I’m already reading about 5 people that got full setups in the last 24 hours. Image all the people that don’t “advertise” online that they got new units.


I purchased 2 decks last week couldn’t get the M versions as out of stock so went for the standard SC5000 unit my next purchase will be a decent mixer


Why not the X1800 mixer?


Yeah, unless you only want a rotary, I’d recommend the X1800 to go with them.


The X1800 is a good mixer but i prefer to recommend the new Xone 96, sound amazing


Yeah was about to ask why not the X1800 too! Especially at the price it’s at! Ties the whole wonderful system together really well!


It’s good that there is no ultimate mixer.

The X1800, for me, was a no-brainer in combination with the SC’s. I need to be able to hookup usb, phono, analog and digital simultaneously.

I’ve looked at several A&H’s, the Model1 etc. and with those I needed to make a concession one way or the other. Mostly they are analog at heart and I don’t need the warmth of a mixer to add coloration of the sound.

Now, I must say I was hesitant at first, but the X1800 sounds very clean and is a joy to play with.