Latest Price Drop on the SC5000 and SC5000M


The Prime players are currently retailing for £1099/€1299 in UK/EU. Is this a permanent drop or temporary?

I’m still on the fence regarding “sidegrading” to the M from the OG.


I’m also wondering. The resell value of 1 year old units is probably quite low now. The M is retailing for 1549€, a steep drop from the introduction price. My guess is the prices won’t hike anytime soon, as Denon is fighting for market share.


I’m hoping so.

I remember the 8000 jumping up in price following release of the 7000. I’m guessing the 8000 did reasonably well in sales for that to happen. There was no global economic reason e.g. trade tax increase, brexit or whatever.

I tested the water by putting up one 5000 for sale locally…One week and not a single bite. Not even the usual low ball offers nor swap offers e.g. will you swap for a BMX or Washing machine :laughing:

Looks like I will have to accept whatever trade in value the dealer will offer …if I decide to switch to the M.


You can have the M for 1299€, too :wink:

I was tempted to buy the (non M) 5000s again but decided against it. Still, some major issues (asymmetrical jog bend, weird loop move behavior) exist and important features (mainly Traktor Pro HID support) remain to be implemented. I wish Denon would finally fix and improve the players. In their current status, they are worthless to me :frowning:


Yes agree, some major issues are still not solved after 1 year and a half (i add the high end roll off) ,like Mufasa say even in europe resell value are so low and still the price Pioneer Nexus 2 are even the same since the product launch in 2016 ! sometimes I think if I would not have to save it and wait the next CDJ 2000 Nexus 3


That one should be due at NAMM 2019 in January 2019. I guess I’ll wait…


I dont see Pioneer making the next step quite yet. At least not before everyone who has a Tour1 is ready to sink into buying new products.


I’d imagine it is simply a retail tactic to encourage sales as Denon DJ just announced not long ago that these models are now shipping globally so my guess is they’re trying to clear some stock to see how sales are going come end of the year.

Also they’ve been hovering around this price at the odd retailer here in the U.K for a while if you know where to look but now the price seems pretty much widespread across most U.K online retailers which would also point towards the need for a price drop to encourage over seas sales being that they’ll drop here in the U.K because of the now shipping globally announcement :-


The current price is sweet. Perhaps if it had launched originally at this price.

The initial launch price made it closer to the CDJs in Price, I’m sure a few potential customers just ponied up the extra hundreds and still purchased CDJs.

It’s now almost half the price of the 2000NXS2. No brainer from a price point.

The tech still needs to filter down

  • a single layer media player, non touch screen, no artwork in jog, No tension adjust platter £350

  • 2 channel prime mixer £350 (easy xfader replacement design for users who may prefer innofaders), fixed effects, sweep fx + filter single knob, USB hub, Lan via external lan hub, lose the touch strip.

  • 2 Channel, Single screen, 2 usb with recording all in one unit £999 bedroom/budget/midrange products as well.

  • MCX8000 Prime

Options for every type of DJ budget.

Multiple Third party software support will be helpful as well. At least that will encourage a period of transition for working DJs. Having the option of using whatever you are familiar with whilst getting used to a new way of doing things.


Very much temporary! Snap them up whilst you can :slight_smile:


Fix 'em and I’ll snap 'em :slight_smile:


Have you contacted technical support?


Now is the price where it’s a competitor for me. I think I’ll get one for Christmas.


such a bargain at the moment. sold my nxs2 pio’s and got these. never looking back. never thought the nxs2 would feel so dated!! thanks! new fan here! if the price does go back up, im sure glad i jumped on. incredible stuff. got the 5000m’s. just asks me to play with it!!


Man, let me tell you. After having these at home, every gig I go to with X/CDJ anything is terrible. I used to love Pioneer equipment. Now I hate Pioneer equipment. Even the latency on Pio gear is highly noticeable.


Just took delivery of a pair of the Ms.

BTW the price drop has hit the USA now as well but in a different way

SC5000 and X1800 is going for $999 ea SC5000M is $1499

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In the Netherlands they’re sitting at 1299 euro. Not as big of a drop but making it more attractive for people to get them in their homes rather than the NX2


Yessuh I am about to return mine and re-purchase them at the lower price.


Yup! These things are now officially a STEAL!!! I’m newly aboard with them myself and holy smokes I love them!!!


So prices in the US dropped to $999 and went to $1275 overnight. It seems they’re dumping old stock. Last time I saw this was when I bought the SC2900 and 8 months later they stopped supporting it and didn’t upgrade the drivers for new OS’s What gives?