Latest Firmware 1.1 if not using MAC

I downloaded and installed the latest firmware before doing anything, purely out of habit. Now I’ve registered my product i noticed “Note: This update is only required for Mac users running 10.13.2.” at the bottom of my products page, does that mean i shouldn’t of updated the firmware as i’m not using a Mac?

Do we have anymore insight to what it changes in the unit? Does fixing what ever the issue was downgrade the unit in any way when not used on the Mac, compared to the original firmware?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi. The firmware update as of a month ago for the MC7000 was singularly released to remedy Apples most recent changes to their core audio, “thanks” to the "up?"grade to High Sierra.

There were no additional features, bug fixes or tweaks at all in that release of MC7000 firmware.

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Should I put it back to the old firmware or will it not matter. I’m a PC user. Thank you.

Hi Mitchie - it’s fine as it is. Whilst the new firmware only benefited Mac systems, it wont do anything at all for PC/windows users. I’d just leave the latest firmware in there, as it is.

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