Large file (30+min) and mcx80000 - slow down loading?

When loading a long track (30+ min) on a deck in Engine mode IE on deck 2, the playing track on the other deck (engine mode) slows down (about 50%).

It’s a common issue?

On slow transfer media, I’ve seen that occur.

What’s the storage device that you’re using eg: pen/thumb drive? Normal hard drive (know the spin speed eg: 7200rpm? And cache size?), solid state drive? Etc

If all your tunes are on just one drive, then it would be worth copying that drive to another and having one drive per deck for the longer files - especially on slow media or media with little or no cache

I’m using a single (old) but 100% reliable pendrive: Transcend JF V30/2GB (not too much space = not too much files) Specs: 2 GB USB 2.0 read rate 10 MB/s

I’ll try with a new USB3.1 Transcend JetFlash 890S 64GB 64 GB USB 3.1 USB-C read rate up to 90 MB/s

and I’ll let you know.

The problem was the old pendrive…

A) Single old pendrive on deck 1 and 2 => slow down when loading (and sometimes load the track in a wrong way… infinite loop of 1 or 2 beat without pushing autoloop ?!?)

B) Single new pendrive on deck 1 and 2 => no issue

C) Double pendrive (new on deck 1 and old on deck 2) => issue when loading track from new pendrive (on deck 1) when old pendrive playing (ond deck 2) the playing track slow down to complete stop, then continue playing at normal speed

D) Same setup as © => issue issue when loading track from old pendrive (on deck 2) when new pendrive playing (ond deck 1) the playing track slow down about 50%, then continue playing at normal speed

Lesson learned: only new and fast pendrive.


Thanks for sharing …

Media speed (sustained not just burst speeds) is a tricky subject and, to be honest, the digital camera industry suffer from it too. People buy cameras with “take 10 shots a second” features, then buy a slow memory card and wonder why the camera only saved 2 shots a second etc