Laptop will not sense SSD inside Prime 4's

I purchased a 1TB SSD for my Denon Prime 4 decks. I installed in the decks and put the decks into controller mode while the blue USB cord is plugged into my laptop (which has USB 3.0 ports). I hear my laptops “ding” noise it makes when a new USB device is plugged in, but the SSD or prime 4 decks don’t actually show up anywhere in My PC, desktop, or anywhere else I’ve looked on my laptop. I have a Dell XPS 9570 if that helps at all. Any help is greatly appreciated I want to upload my whole library and get to mixing!

See here:

Doesn’t my laptop need to see the SATA drive in the first place before I can right click on anything? There is nothing for me to click or modify.

Does the SSD show up in Disk Manager/Management?

Depending on where and how you bought it, the SSD may not have any partitions on it currently so you’ll need to create one.

Like @JonnyXDA states (and also in the steps I mentioned), you’ll need to let Windows know it has a disk by making a partition and format the drive.

FYI drives don’t come formatted as the manufacturer has no way of knowing what it’s going to be installed into, so you have to do that.

Quite right. A lot of drives that I’ve bought have been formatted to the current favourite windows format. That format has changed over the years a few times though.

Some drives are simply not formatted at all.

You might be lucky and purchase a drive that’s already formatted, so you can right click on it and change its format, but otherwise you’ll need Disk manager within windows to do that

I used the disk manager, formatted my SSD, added and pre analyzed all of my library to the SSD in engine prime and eject. But once I boot up the decks it won’t let me select the internal SSD as a source device…the list is blank. Thanks for the help thus far, any other pointers?