Laptop PC Link for EP

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? It will be nice to have a way to play music from the laptop over LAN

  • How will this feature help you and others? For Preparation purposes, prior to exporting. For Auditioning tracks. For jamming at home. Mobile DJ who need larger libraries. Faster searching and improved collection visibility.

  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? Yes, Rekordbox.

  • Does a workaround currently exist? Yes, transfer all music from computer to media device.

  • How often would you use this feature? All the time.

  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add? No.


Mobile DJs with even massively large libraries don’t instantly need a laptop - it’s true that a massive 17 inch screen on a laptop can be a bit of a comfort blanket for any DJ used to laptop or home PCs but Even before the Primes got their extended search features of searching by comment etc, there wasn’t any real problem finding a track quickly on the built in touch screen with qwerty keyboard onscreen

Your other three points aren’t disagreeable though

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You do know that offloading tracks in Rekordbox has existed from day 1, right? That’s literally the industry standard and is widely used. Old Engine also had this feature.

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As an aside and in case anyone asks…

Just seeing the computer as a large hard drive source on the players is not sufficient. Part of the use of the software on the computer is because you’ve got the bigger keyboard and faster processing to do the searches more quickly… very useful especially when building a set. The SC5000’s can be painfully slow to navigate the browser and also then having to wait for the search to complete. Rekordbox, VDJ, Traktor, etc, are all extremely rapid for finding the track you’re looking for on large collections. It’s also quite easy to download tracks off the internet or some network cloud, put it in the software screen, and then drag it into the player that way, too. No we’re not asking for full controller and DVS support in Engine Prime… yet :wink:


Being able to play over cloud storage systems/NAS would be great.

Now that WiFi is activated on the SC5000 players it opens the possibility of loading from storage via WiFi. It could be remotely from a central unit or from Engine Prime.

I like the idea of having a HDD connected at home and taking out to gigs only the tracks that I want. If I need something else, it could be streamed from my device via the internet.

This could also be good for DJs that carry out work out via an agency. One centralized collection for everyone’s use (providing the licence allows it). My cruise ship has once database mirrored onto many computers in each room. This could all be done with one HDD.

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It’s a regularly begged for feature, so from that point of view, I’d like to see it added.

Personally, even though I have a large library (around 90,000 tracks) and am open-format DJ playing a lot of multi-age group functions and weddings, and therefore I am supposed to “need” this PC searching, I don’t.

The searching features on the Primes, The prepare list, the build playlists onscreen features and dual layers all remove the need for still relying on a laptop for searching.


On Pioneer C/XDJ’s, I used this feature for building playlists at home for gigs. I would do the same if available on the prime series.


I was going to post the exact same feature request! I had a pair of SC5000s and absolutely loved them but ended up having to sell them (to raise funds) but the one thing that really bothered me was not being able to link the players to Engine Prime over a LAN connection. Maybe it’s just me but I found this feature great for home use when using cdjs or xdjs and as @hellnegative said, you could build playlists on the fly and use them straight away.

I think for people to really buy into the Engine Prime software, this feature would greatly help. I’m currently looking at buying the Prime 4 in the coming months and while being able to attach a usb keyboard, ssd drive to the unit as well as manage playlists etc on the unit itself is all great, the ability to “pro dj link” to the Engine Prime software on a laptop would have me sold straight away. There’s just something very reassuring having full access to your dj library on a laptop without having to export to usb (or onboard SSD) every time you add new music etc. I know the Prime 4 will be a serato device soon and I could use serato to have access to my full library on a laptop but it defeats the purpose of a standalone system. Again I think for people to really buy into the Engine Prime software, this feature is a must.

Maybe this is just a feature I think is crucial and others don’t but it is a slight sticking point for me at the moment because other than that the Prime units are streets ahead in terms of technology! Hopefully this is something that might be available down the line!

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I used to love this feature in Rekordbox and used it all the time, its actually what put me off moving to the SC5000’s for approx 2 years!

This needs to be implemented ASAP IMO


Would love to have this feature or a way to sync my Engine Library over to Serato (Tags, Crates, Grids, Cue Points, Cue Point labels).

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Does it have the feature or still doesn’t work becouse in my old denon gear It had the feature?

Engine - yes, Engine Prime - no