Laptop crashed - how to get library back?

Hello from Ireland guys,I’m new to the forum and the prime Series equipment!I’ve recently downloaded engine software and uploaded all my tunes a few day later laptop crashed and it can’t be saved unfortunately I never backed anything up!so I’ve purchased a new laptop is there anyway of getting my library on my new computer?or is it gone forever?

  1. Use more descriptive subjects for your post.

  2. You’re an idiot for not backing up your library.

  3. Yeah if you didn’t back up your library then it is gone.

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While JonnyXDA may be putting it a bit bluntly, the truth of the matter is that - most likely - he is right with at three points.

That said, there IS (possibly) an option to salvage something. It all depends on what kind of crash you had. Since you claimed it couldn’t be salvaged, it IS possible you mean something else than the harddisk died on it. If so, you could get the harddisk out of the old laptop, hook it up to the new one with a USB to SATA adapter (for sale for 15-30 euro’s these days) and see if you can still access the files. In which case you may be able to salvage something. The exact how in that case I can’t tell you since I haven;t done it myself yet. But no doubt someone on here can help you with that.

Again, only works if it wasn;t your harddisk that crashed but something else in your old laptop.

My three cents as usual.

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Times a million

First, welcome to the forum!

You might check with a local computer/tech support company to see it there is some way of recovering your music. Hopefully they will have the resources to help you. This forum isn’t the best for answering your issue.

As a DJ, your music is PRECIOUS. It will be good practice in the future to backup your music on (at least) one external drive. From lessons learned in the past, I have three full copies of my music.

Got my fingers crossed for you. Good luck!

The op can remove the old hard drive and buy an adapter to hook it up to his new computer and view and move the files over

Worked for me for over 10 years

Imagine your laptop doing that if you were at a disco with just some DJ programs

That is why everything a mobile DJ does (or any DJ really) should have at least single but preferably double redundancy