Lack of explanations

I am reading a few member say of “The” Hot Cue problem and “fix the hot cue problem” …

But I can not see anyone in words say or describe what “The” Hot cue problem contain or how it is found. I haven’t a hot cue problem and am on latests firmwares.

May be it is of a fickle precise set of combinations to see the hot cue ?

In the current firmware (v1.2 ) when the hot cue trigger mode is set to momentary and you hit a hot cue it plays until you release it. Once you release from holding the hot cue button the track stops where you stopped holding the hot cue button. In the previous firmware and other softwares once you release the hot cue button it would return the start of that hot cue. It would essentially behave like the temporary cue button and jump back to the start of the cue when released.

Hope that kind of explains the issue… I tent to ramble :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is this only showing when the sc5000 is on pause mode and doesn’t show problem in playing ?

LargoS, Its only in pause mode it have a real effect, but the bug DO have a effect on djs used to this from how it was before the update and how it works on other players ( Denon and other brands)

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Imagine you want cue a song on hotcue 2, after the intro. So you press hotcue 2 and hit the normal cue button. Since the update you have now set a cue after the hotcue u want to be the startpoint. So there are work around sure, but i liked the way it was before and used to that way since that is the way it worked on traktor, pioneer, what not, and in engine, before 1.2

And since it seems like a pretty obvious bug that should be just as easy to fix with a patch, it is kind of dissapointing to have to wait so long for a fix.

When denon said things would be super customizable before the actual lunch i thought it would be like how you can customize your own work flow needs like in traktor, the way buttons work or how to assign them.

Am i that nagger? I just feel kind of cheated. Soon means soon, and we are waiting for a simpel patch for almost two month now. Ridiculous. For software thats build from the ground up. I just dont understand how it slipped in and why denon can not come up to speed with their promises to us as customers and to take over the booth as leading brand with so many persisting flaws in the work flow on the prep side and among other things this little bug in the hotcue behavior. Nagger please.

And i explained it at the very beginning of the tread before it got hijacked.


Who was hijacked your explanation? Denon?

Noo the whole tread about the hotcue behavior. I explained in my very first post of that tread what the issue was… But still u didnt understand. Because the tread got hijacked and People kept rambling about wether it was an issue or we were just nagging about our 6k setup and features that were or werent promised or should have could have expected. Hijacked.