Lack of demo units at Guitar Center

I happened to be at a local Guitar Center and saw that they had a Prime 4 unit but it wasn’t on the floor.

I asked a rep if they ever had one out as a demo units as some stores used to have the Numark direct drives and others out for trying out but he had said nope but I could buy it and try it at home then bring it back.

Seems like a failed way to go about things but has anyone in the marketing dept opted to consider having demo units in selected shops?

That’s how I picked up my sc3700’s and older gear before, just seems like a missed opportunity.

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I’ve worked as a Marketing rep (Product Placement) for another equipment manufacturer (DJ and Production gear). I had to visit multiple music instrument and electronic stores. We would have GC’s and Samashes on our list that were given demo units and just never put them out or sold them as open box items (would be on display but never actually plugged in). When newer products came out, they would still have the older demo units out that were not supposed to be. Both of these chains were constant repeat offenders.

Thanks for sharing your insight! They sadly are the only physical shops in my area. Shame they can’t get their act together. I can’t understand the “just buy it and and try it and if you don’t like it bring it back” mentality. Sure for some things you downright know it’s for you but in this instance I guess I was hoping for an actual music shop to have one on demo.