Lack of basic library functions

Hi there,

I’m new to the Denon DJ world, just got my brand new SC6000 & X1850. The hardware part is awesome, but I’m a bit confused by the soft part…

Coming from the Pioneer world (and also Traktor b4), there seems to be a lack of basic functions (or did I missed sthg?) The scary part is that some of them are in the request list since a year…!

  • Full 2 way sync : if I erase a track from my library on my Mac, it does not delete it on the SSD when synchronizing ?? I have to manually erase it and then remove it from the SSD library, really annoying (or maybe I missed an option somewhere?
  • Ability to import playlist from the SSD device (like history or new playlist created on the hardware while mixing), you have to rebuild manually a playlist if you want to keep it.
  • Replace or relocate a missing file… if a file is corrupted or if you move it to another place your lose every info…
  • Library basic check functions : find missing tracks, duplicate etc
  • Dynamic playlist or tracks : where is this function? You have to handle manually?

Those are basic functions that you get with any serious music library on the market…

What do you think? Maybe you have some tips?


Yes all of those are correct. I still use RB to maintain my collection. I then let engine read all the grids and play lists etc. It’s much better than it used to be and I am sure it will get there. But for now I stick with RB






Welcome! :joy: :rofl: :wink:

I personally really miss the ‘remove from collection and delete file’ option on Engine Prime.

I’m working on a small app that will address almost all these problems!

I’ll be posting it here later this week. Just gotta polish it up a bit.

The two way sync features will come later though. Right now I have smart playlists and library relocation working.


Wow, this would be great!

Just finished up the first version. I’ll publish it today or tomorrow when I have the time.

Shoot it to me in my messages if you do not mind.

I hope they are bridging the gap between the threads forum moderators acknowledge and what the technicians/developers are aware of. The last time I spoke with a tech, he wasn’t aware of any of the issues I was experiencing (he also specifically said he doesn’t really check the forum).

I hope so too.

Here’s your solution!