Kudos for the Prime 4 Facebook Q&A

I simply wanted to offer kudos/praise to the Denon DJ team for the incredible Live from NAMM Q&A that aired via Facebook last night. It was informative, transparent and exceptionally honest with regards to the responses to Facebook user questions (even my two were promptly answered!). The entire presentation felt organic rather than a salesperson aggressively shilling a product. At no point did I feel as though I was being spoonfed, rehearsed B.S. responses and that’s extremely refreshing. I would encourage anyone interested in the Prime 4 (and even some Engine development tidbits) to check the video out on Denon DJ’s Facebook page.

Keep up the great work.



I found both good. The one with Jason, but also the one with Jay.

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My only beef - take note production team - was that whoever was yelling out the questions in the background was not mic’ed and therefore not audible, so most of the time I didn’t know what question he was answering until half way through the answer. Public speaking tip - always repeat the question before you start answering.


thought the prime 4 had 2 mic inputs…. :wink:


Don’t have FaceBook due to privacy concerns, how about sharing it on here?

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This was Jay:

And Jason: (link is public on Facebook)


Thank you for posting!

Did notice they moved the ship date back to end of March or early April!

DEDICATED ENGINE PRIME TEAM! Well that’s kinda huge news. : )


yes i think so and it’s mean no firmware update for the SC5000 before end of march

yeeeeeeeah. I thought that too. Sadly

Btw guys any news about the high end roll off with the prime 4? Do you think the problem is gone with a new engine firmware update?

Not necessarily. It’s not out of the norm for a company to release a firmware update prior to the release of a product that hasn’t hit the street yet. In other words, the release date of the Prime 4 isn’t a solid indicator with regards to the status of when the firmware for all Prime gear will be available. :beers:

The high-frequency rolloff issue has been addressed ad nauseam, a simple forum search will point you to the proper thread/postings about this topic. Quick summary: the team has acknowledged and a fix will be implemented via firmware update. If you have further questions, please create a new forum topic. :+1:t2:

Thank you for all your positive comments on the live stream, we were very happy with it and plan to do more to answer as many questions as possible.

I know all of this mate :slight_smile: I was here from the beginning but I wanted to know if we did not find this problem again in the Prime4

You will find this lesser audible. I’m just guessing, of course. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We all know you’re not guessing ahah :innocent: I really hope someone will do some measurements after the corrections to see the differences

Wait, so the absolute minimum amount of duck on the mic is -20dB? Shouldn’t the min be no duck whatsoever, with adjustment to maybe -3dB, -6dB etc? -20dB is a huge amount.

Then the recovery speed is not on a slider, but just ‘normal’ or ‘fast’. Well what’s normal? What’s fast? That would be better on a slider, going from instant to maybe 1 or 2 seconds.

No duck whatsoever is not turning on ducking. Why would you turn on ducking in the first place if you had it set not to do anything?

So that you can increase it gradually from nothing to where you want it. A “minimum” of -20dB is rather extreme don’t you think?

Yes, but replacing extreme with irrelevant is not a solution either. There’s a happy medium to be found in there somewhere. :slight_smile: -10 might be a better starting point.

As a side note, my current mixer’s (x1600) ducking starts at -20 too I believe, so I suspect this is just a case of continuing to do what they’ve always done. Not sure what the lowest setting is on the x1800.