[KNOWN ISSUE] Problems using Dropbox service (cloud)


Dropbox (cloud) option not available in the device list after restarting the device, the login and verification procedure is necessary after each startup.

Very inconvenient procedure, you should keep the login as in Tidal services, Beatport link, etc …

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Remember to read ALL the following text about the Dropbox integration.

Login is not retained after power cycle.

Beta Known Issues

  • Changes are not synced back up to the cloud. We plan to expand Dropbox capabilities in the future including bi-directional syncing but this ability will not be part of the initial 1.6 release.
  • Login is not retained after power cycle.
  • Dropbox folder browsing is not yet implemented. Please use Engine Prime to pack tracks to the dropbox drive.
  • Continuous mode playback is not yet implemented for Dropbox.
  • Recording is currently not allowed for Dropbox tracks.

And this is only a public Beta, so will def. be fixed in a stable release :slightly_smiling_face:


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