Knob replacement fit question

Hi All,

I want to replace the 3 knobs on the side of the Prime GO that control the headphone outputs. They are easy to break if you don’t have a protective case you can put the whole unit in. I put it in my backpack with the Decksaver, but it doesn’t help much for the side knobs, and I broke one of the knobs plus the front PCB board! This broke the headphone output and I had to get my unit fixed. Now that I have it back, I want to get some new stronger knobs that don’t stick out too much and also sits flush with the body of the unit. (There is a small gap between the bottom of the knob and the body).

I checked online but many sellers don’t provide enough information about the inside cavity of the knob where the metal shaft sticks in. There could be different shapes and pot positions and I want to confirm that they fit. Any tips on where I can find good knobs or find the exact specification on the cavity/shaft?

Denon knob position (taken from chroma caps website): image

Preferable knob shapes: Snag_14bfd410 image image

Thanks in advance for the tips.

The caps are only part of the story. And I’ve seen a decksaver wreak more damage to gear in transit thsn the gear would have sustained without a decksaver. I certainly wouldn’t use one again on a flat surface, and not ever as a transit protection.

The primes are high value items. A padded bag or anything less than a proper hard 6mm or 9mm ply flightcase has risks

A flightcase would probably provide the best protection. I feel like a backpack would be the most versatile since you won’t need to carry it in your hand the whole time. The Magma XL backpack looks like it would provide good protection and fit a lot of stuff.