Kill does not work after updating 1.5 software on 1800x

Hi There, After updating my Denon x1800 to the latest software it seems the kill option does not work properly anymore actually it behaves the same as the bleed option. My settings are ISO and 0 resonance and actually the same as with firmware 1.3 I have re-updated the software again but it does not resolve this issue.Also tried to downgrade but this does not seem to work when the new updates are installed. Does anyone ran into the same problem and is there a possible solution ? I would like to hear your comment on this topic.

Do You mean EQ or filters? EQ has no resonance, but has ISO, Filter has no ISO, but has Resonance…

Hi,thanks for replying. It is filter…lpf…hpf…i use this one to kill the bass when mixing. And my setting is on kill instead of bleed…but now there is no difference between those two.

OK, I didn’t notice that. I will check that on my X1800 in the evening today.

Thank a million already…

My X1800 is still in a box while testing an X1850, so any help @NoiseRiser is welcome!

As soon as I will be at home, I will check it today.