Key sorting (incorrect?)

when sorting the files on e.g. title or artist both engine and the SC5000 are doing it correctly on alpabetic order HOWEVER when doing a sort on KEY (using camelot) the sorting is done incorrectly…

Sorting ascending:

8B 8A 9B 9A 10B 10A 11B 11A 12B 12A 1B 1A 2B 2A etc

This is not logical and hope this can/will be changed


Could it be that in a different key format, e.g.: one of the non Camelot formats, these are in the correct order eg: A# AM vs Am etc ?

looks like “open key” is being sorted correctly…but would expect it to be sorted correctly for every “key” types.

maybe a suggestion to get this “sorted” :wink: in the next update of engine.


Message received polderboy…

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How are we getting on with this, still bugging me!!!

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@paul_denondj or @Gee_DenonDJ any update on this request we are 12 months past by…

In the 9 months that have elapsed since this thread started, I think it’s safe to say that there have been a huge number of updates to both Engine Prime and the SC5000 firmware - and there’s more to come, the next, very soon in fact.

This feature suggestion is still indeed on the list for requests.

Once I get any additional information on this, I’ll post it up.

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Disappointed to see that key sort is still not fixed - it just make no logical sense to start with an 8!!! Come on guys, get on this, throw out a new update next week, surely it can’t be that hard to resolve :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Why? Because an update doesn’t have any fixes whatsoever that affected my use of the Denons, but a simple issue that was raised over a year ago hasn’t been touched?

what a shame that this request has not been included in the most recent update, but assume this is now a bit higher on the list of requested features…….

to put it nicely I’m a bit dissapointed.

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