Key Filter Doesn't Work Like CDJs, or does it?

Walk me through this, please? Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I press the CDJ 2000NXS2 ‘Key Filter’ button within a playlist and it narrows my options down to a compatible selection of songs both in key and BPM. It’s quick and easy for on the fly harmony mixing.

Under Utilities on the SC5000 I am able to set the key filter preferences to do the same thing as the CDJ’s (+/-5 BPM and I switch to ‘Compatible’). My question is, now that I’ve set my preferences, how can I find the list of the narrowed down songs?

Press the filter icon on the left hand side of the screen

I know about that filter. It’s the key and bpm filtering button I’m looking for. Two different things. The software allows me to set parameters (ex. + or -5 BPM, ‘Match’ or ‘Compatible’ Keys) and yet once I set them I don’t know how to access this filter on the player.