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I’ve seen in numerous videos of the Prime 4 that we can change key on-the-fly. My question is, would it be feasible to implement this via the pads instead of only a sequential up/down ? I think this would open up a lot of possibilities for instant remixing of tracks.


HI @PetGor and welcome to the forum!

Thank you for this suggestion - I have passed this on to the team.

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Im just curious if we are going to get these features on the SC5000

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Would love some keychange feature on the pads on the SC5000s for some toneplay :heart:


I also would like an option to change key trough buttons instead of screen only.

I suggested 2 years ago Key change for SC5000 this way: Press (and hold) key and Pitch bend + of - to change key higher or lower


Having the feature to key change of track for the mix of song to song smoothly is very excellent!

I am to reminded of the number of boring copycat performings when serato pitch and time add pack was out. Many many people made many songs sound the exact same again and again and again. Argh!!!

But to think pitch pads idea is very good but like many feature with controversy —- it is up to of course, the person who chooses to use that or not and how many times per mix to make use of it. The more rare the better and more special imo

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I would prefer not to have it on the pads, as I would like to be able to play cue points and adjust the pitch of the cue points while playing them. That’s how I utilized Pitch n Time in Serato.

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The way I see it:

  1. Hit HotCue-button once, to choose Cue Point
  2. Hit HotCue-button a second time to activate selected Cue Point in Tone Play-mode.

(Or 3. When you have pressed the HotCue-button twice, select which Cue Point you want on the screen on the ‘Cue Point Bar’ , and that will be activated in Tone Play-mode)

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How about under slicer mode? Or an option to use a slicer or b toneplay

There is already a extra feature when you press the Slicer-button twice.

Therefor I see it as a feature under the HotCue-button

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My bad, i never use slicer, at all.

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This would makes sense. I dig it.

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Does anybody use slicer? Even the digital DJ tips guys dismissed this feature. Would have preferred to have pitch as a main button feature. Perhaps Denon can make that changeable in fw.

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What about just have tapping the key on the screen and the mode you’re in with the - and + in the videos of it then allowing the pads to temporarily change the key. The pads could blink momentarily, too, upon entering key change mode so the uninformed might have some inkling that it might be a feature and try tapping the pads. There’s an even number of pads, so that would give you 4 key shifts in either direction from the original key. If you’re holding the pad, you could then hold shift and release the pad to stay at that key. It would also be an optional faster way to change keys that way, too, rather than tapping - or + a few times even if you aren’t playing the pads like a melody. This would also allow the alternate hot cue mode to eventually be sampling or something else down the road.

  • I like this option.
  • Not a fan.

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I like the forward thinking of leaving the hot cue open for future use.

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I hope they don’t put this feature on the Prime 4. I believe this is a case InMusic needs to start implementing feature bracketing to protect the flagship products. Customized on-screen info, owner lockouts, key change pad playing, etc… I think these advanced features should be kept off the Prime 4 because it’s already underpriced and cannibalizing on the flagship units as it is. You’re getting a great deal (it’s underpriced to begin with), in a portable package (it has unique utility), and already undercutting the flagships by buying the Prime 4 over the standalones, as the saying goes: don’t get greedy. Otherwise, they need to raise the Prime 4 price up 2 or 3 hundred bucks.

That’s significant in how I play too. I don’t want piano-like pitch play on the pads, I want the pads to be hot cue pads

Maybe it should be optional. Obviously as I said in my prior post I don’t think this should be on the Prime 4 without a price increase, but the feature in general (let’s assume I’m talking about the SC Prime players) could have the pads be the default first function when the pads first blink once after you tap the key on screen in a keylocked state. The hot cue, loop, roll, and slicer lights turn off. In the upper right corner of the screen would be an X to exit this mode. But if you hit hot cue, loop, roll, or slicer mode buttons now, you can get the pads back working for those and then you’d just use the on-screen key change representation.

I would like pitch-play on the pads. We still have Shift-Cue or Shift-Roll not used. Not sure why we would have to sacrifice cue points. Make Shift-Cue use your first cue point and the pads pitch up and down and play that first point. Make Shift-Roll just use the pads to pitch up and down continuing normal playback.