Key change Engine or mxc8000


Within Serato I see my Keys like 1A or 2B. When I use Engine for my usb stick, I see only C#M or something like that.

Can I change that to 3B or something, at my mcx8000 of the Engine software?

If they are set correctly in Engine 1.5, they will transfer over correctly to a USB stick. If I am correct, when a key is already set in the key tag, it won’t be overwritten by Engine. My tracks show correctly in Engine, the USB stick I made with it and on the MCX8000.

Hello Dj Vintage,

In Serato I see keys like 1A or 3B. When I take these tracks into the Engine software, I see things like C#M.

It this a Engine setting ?

Does anybody know why Serato gives me the right keys, but after dragging them into Engine, it changed to Harmonic keys ?

In some internet review we have this type of key on screen

but when i use mine with Engine i have this one


YES !!!

I have the same DjohnSmoke.

The only key I want to use is the last picture. Is it a hardware configuration ?

the mcx8000 manual says that the display of the music key is only displaying what the ID3 tag for the music file has stored in that field.

From the manual:

{3. Key: This field shows the track’s key. It will be empty if the track does not have a key ID3 tag.}


At Serato I see keys like 2A of 5B. When I transfer them to Engine, it changes the keys to 3#m or something. So the Engine is the problem.

I think It’s Engine too

But I can’t find a setting about the Key, within Engine

No it’s not engine but the way Serato writes the key information to the file.

When you analyse a file In Serato, the key is saved to file in the standard notation but Serato DJ can display it as Camelot.

So if you play a track that the key was analysed in Serato it will show as Standard Notation in other softwares.

You can run your tracks through Mixed In Key or Key finder (free app) and select the option to write the Key Tags as Camelot.

Camelot = 1A, 2A etc

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ok i try this later


Hello Musafa,

Thanks for your answer.

To get it right:

When I have my songs in Serato, for usb use, I need to drag and drop to Engine. After that, put the crates to usb.

But afterwards I need the software to get the right key. Can the software read the usb library?

Thanks for your quick help Musafa !

you have to make a decision for which software you want to use to analyse the key of your Do you prefer to use Serato or Mixed in Key or Keyfinder or Traktor etc

A standard work flow of mine before Serato had its own native key analysis tool

  1. Download/Buy new music

  2. Analyse the new music through keyfinder

  3. Then import the new music to Serato

in your own case

You can use old music you already have analysed.

Download Keyfinder or Mixed in Key

In Keyfinder applications settings you need to chose the save custom notation option. I think it’s usually left blank but you can write the Camelot values in it.

analyse one test file with keyfinder and try it in your denon 8000 to see if it displays on Camelot

Thanks for your answer !

It’s not needed. Got the right answer from Serato. Choose setup and go to Library. Change key from Camelot to open key.

Analyze your tracks and drag them to Engine.

That’s all !!!


Keyfinder work great for add camelot Key on the files info

yeah it’s a good freeware. I think did a comparison of all the key detection software a couple of years ago and it was included in it.

You can set it to write the Keys in other fields too. eg comments or track name so it’s pretty handy.

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