Just what I needed

Great ! That’s christmas presents for about a dozen of my friends sorted then -

Haha I’m loving what’s written on the back

Auto BPM - correct bpm detection automatically is fundamental

Auto sync - no, maybe for doing routines or them drum machine/layering routines

Auto beatgrid - if bpm is correct ,grids will fall in line

Auto gain - will be nice to have

Auto phase counter - why have one if it’s not active all the time

32 million waveform - this is a @Reticuli invention.

Auto tune selection - what is this?

Someone to set it up - yup, that’s the “rider” lifestyle, you set up yourself?

Someone to copy me their music - Tidals got this covered

Where is my T-Shirt? I will need one in Large please

I spose it’s where the DJ or “operator” has no idea what track to play next so a real DJ makes a suggestion to them :ok_man:

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