Just upgraded to 1.4, two things that happened on first play around with it

Hey all, only just got round to updating to the Beta and two thing happened which where a bit weird. So the first was that my cue points, when the pad was hit at the start of a phrase it would jump one or two beats forward when it started. I feel this could be a quantize issue which has already been raised. First time I’ve had the issue though.

The second one was even weirder, so was maybe three of four songs into a set and this happened…https://youtu.be/pOiAV68BUVQ (Turn phone sideways for better quality, first time uploading to youtube :joy:)

…the waveforms on screen stopped matching the sound :thinking: I even reloaded the track and it was still doing it. Very strange! Reboot seemed to resolve the issue. I’m guessing it could have been due to me having the machine do a lot, (wifi was on, tidal connected and recording). Hopefully it wont happen again but just thought I would let everyone know.

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Thanks… :+1: I will probably wait until all the bugs are worked before updating to 1.4 … :slight_smile:

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