Just got my PRIME 4 Case

Just got my PRIMR 4 Odyssey Case

IMG_2318.JPG IMG_2317 (1).jpg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_140b.jpg IMG_2319.JPG

Is that a laptop shelf in the second picture? Why have odyssey put a laptop shelf on a case for a stand-alone controller ?

I suppose it’s an accessory shelf

People still going to use it as a controller for DJ software

Hi, I just got mine from [Swan flight cases] (https://www.swanflight.com/dj-flightcases/denon-prime-series/denon-dj-prime-4-controller-flightcase.html) No shelf, almost 4kg less using flight panel finish.

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I wonder if the Prime 4 will fit in the MCX8000 case that I got from a friend… Gonna have to dig up some dimensions I guess.

Edit: Dang, looks like the MCX8000 case is short by about two inches in depth.

Let us know how it works out (if you ever get the controller to go in it)

Based on pictures it looks like the laptop shelf might interfere with the screen on the prime 4

They made the case 3’ deeper so the screen won’t hit the laptop shelf the main unit of the P4 is the same size of the MCX8000 17 inches and the screen sticks out 2 inches more that’s a total of 19 inches. Inside the case from front to back is 22 inches

That laptop shelf is really odd for Prime 4.

Even if it misses the top of the prime 4 screen physically, wont the shelf get in the way optically? I’d have to duck my head down low to see the Prime 4 screen under the shelf, I think.

Out with the electric saw me thinks!

So no matter how high you set your screen to it won’t hit the laptop shelf. That will be nice. Again the pictures on websites doesn’t necessarily look that way but if that is the case (pun intended) I might be going with this one.

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What model this is black label right

FZ-GCPRIME4BL ODY USA I didn’t see this online anywhere I Had Call, Odyssey & ask about a black case for the P4. They told me to call NLFX PRO 1 800 660-6696. That’s where I got the case from, its not on their website in black. But they have it. https://www.nlfxpro.com

I just looked at all the options for a case and Gorilla/Total Impact/Magma all have the removable flap on the front but the Swan case doesn’t. This would interfere with the headphone/line switches.

I really want the Swan case as it’s much lighter but would I need to take it out of the case every time to use it? Or have they accounted for that?

Hi, no you don’t. As it is advertised, P4 will work inside the case. It is positioned higher inside, so the case border lines below the switches and phones plug.

That is awesome. Thanks for the reply @renmachado

If you get chance, would it be possible to see the Prime 4 inside it with a photo? No worries if not but I’m intrigued in how well it fits. I think I’ll grab one.

Actually no need for a photo. I can see it from the DDJ 1000 case.

I like it… but £18 to ship is very steep when DJ shops do it for free over £100. I’ll still get one though.

At Bop DJ it’s only £159 which is £11 cheaper than Swan direct.


I’m still waiting for the P4, only have the case for now… :grin:

Haha. No worries. I just ordered it so it will arrive the day before the P4.

Any updates. Anyone got a Odyssey Case and their Prime 4. I’ve watched a few videos and it seems the laptop shelf interferes like crazy with the screen

Denon would’ve made out like like crazy if they would’ve put out a branded case with these things!
:stuck_out_tongue: None of our vendors can keep them in stock!