Just found my favourite feature of this forum

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That’s a bit petty… If you want to mute someone then that’s fine but going to the trouble of posting about muting users with screenshots of who you’re muting? Like how old are you, 12?

Grow up.

(bet this gets me added to the mute list!)

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Not at all mate, but if you had seen what a pest he had been to me… warranted. I also have no problem being petty to pests. I’m genuinely happy that this forum has the ability, to tell you the truth I wish he would do the same to me so he doesn’t continue to post rubbish all over my posts.

Just went briefly through most of Your comments and I see that Antchi did nothing wrong to You. Just gave the answers that were truth, but You didn’t like them. Also I noticed that You are acting very unpleasant to other users (including @Reese and @Antchi). You try to force Your ideas and getting nervous when told that Denon is not doing something or something is not implemented. Not the best representation of Yourself…


As NoiseRiser just pointed out, its seems like you dont like to be told how it works because it doesnt work the way you would like it to work.

Well sometimes we have to think outside our own little box, and #EmbraceTheFuture and new ways to think.

I actually dont think that Antchi has been a pest to you, but do find your replyes has been kinda rude when you have got your answers.

And sharing how to mute a particular person the way you did in this post, seems even more rude to me.

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It wasn’t me.

Ahh, yes, he responded to PKtheDJ, not You:

“Luckily you don’t work in customer service or if you do you should probably find a new role.”

In general, a better temper would help to gain more friends here that would like to help solve issues.


Shaggy is in da houze