Just an idea regarding autofade

I have seen some people asking that Autofade was not only for Zone out, as they then cant use it in the ‘mainroom’…And if you dont want to route the Zone out to one of the Line In’s on the Prime 4, and end up locking 2 channels down.

What if you use a small PA mixer between the P4 and your speakers, so you can route the Zone out to the same speakers as your master out? Line 1 = P4 master out and Line 2 = Zone play

(I know its more equipment, but like I say, just an idea, and probably a affordable workaround)

Best regards Engell

Another option to consider is to wire the zone out to say any channel on the prime4 ch1-3. That would be an ad-hoc way of bringing in the feature.

Or you can plug into a pa mixer to spilt back to your prime 4 for mains and still zone out.

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Unless I’m missing something: indeed zone out to line in. Done.

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@Wyley1 : Yeah I had that in mind as well, but it was more if they didnt want to lock 2 decks just for playing the Zone out :slightly_smiling_face:

Realistically, if you are using the auto fade feature you’ll be doing something else other than dj’n and plus it becomes an external source which you can switch away at anytime, no deck locked just used when needed.

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But why would you want other decks available if you use automix? It’s for non-performing.

A good solution for bars where the DJ hasn’t started yet or for background music at weddings etc. I’d go with the zone out to a spare line in (until we get it one day as I assume we will!).

I would use it as I dont turn up to 10:45 at the club but it’s open from 9:30pm with Virtual DJ playing. Seems silly when we could almost do it from one unit.

When I play wedding for exampel, I have made a megamix for dinner, but we also have some tracks for when the bride goes to toilet, or when the groom does, so I always have those ready on other decks… And 4th deck is ready with the next song that they are going to sing.


Deck 1, Layer A: Dinner megamix

Deck 2, Layer A: Next melody for song made by guests

Deck 1, Layer B: Bride leaves the room

Deck 2, Layer B: Groom leaves the room

Could you put the dinner mega mix in the zone out? Then you could add other dinner music and auto fade.

I dont have the P4.

My post was meant as a suggestion to those that dont seems happy with that the Autofade only is on the Zone out. Like I said: Just an idea for a workaround (if you need all 4 channels.)

I use the SC5000 setup, and my work flow is working for me, so I’m not unhappy :slightly_smiling_face:

Never thought of that, Good idea.