Jogwheel colors dont match

Hi so I just got my 2nd sc5000 and the jogwheel colour dont match…

heres a picture of both on the yellow color but its like that for all the colors.colors

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More adventures with InMusic QA/variance issues. I’m going on nearly 20 years of experiencing this stuff with them. On the plus side, their customer support is so much better than it used to be.

No! It’s not 2022, you it’s not “nearly 20 years” but I do agree that their customer support is decent.

I would like to know what someone from Denon has to say about this.

Try choosing the main Colors ( red green blue etc) . If one of those Colors doesn’t light up then there’s a chance that one of the Color led driver chips has a problem - so like if blue isn’t working, and you set the platter color to purple (blue and red mix) then it’ll look more red than purple as the blue isn’t available

And no it isn’t a twenty year fault waiting to happen… not every unit of every model is going to have be perfect. A company that says nothing ever goes wrong is just lying.

This is what warranties are for

All the colors work, the left unit is slightly darker for each color. Problem is im not sure which one of them is the wrong color. The right unit is already getting replaced for an other problem so I guess I will know then.

Hi @MisthaJones,

Thank you for raising this with us, I’m afraid I cannot answer this direct, I’d highly recommend contacting our Global Support team to see how this can be resolved for you:

Regards J

Hi @MisthaJones,

Sorry to see this! Sometimes LED’s can have slight variances in their hue. I would reach out to our support team as @Jay_DenonDJ has noted above so our team can get this resolved for you.

Moving to general SC5000 area as this is not a bug and a hardware related inquiry.

I wonder how this unit can leave the assembly line and the factory with “leds hue offset”? Where is quality control department?

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Thing is - “different pretty Colors” ain’t a fail.

■■■■ !!! If “different” was WRONG then good DJs would be non-existent


Which one differs from most Sc5000 though. You could be sending the wrong one back.

Then the replacement comes through and it’ll still not match.

The other thing is that the idea of the colour change platter is to help you remember which platter/layer is which by then all being different colors, so in fact, you have got more color combination options than the rest of us - so that way - you are lucky

If this man were to sell his SC5000s right now and you would be interested in buying both, would you be willing to pay the same price for both? How will you know which one has the “off set” colours? How will you know if, the “flawed” one doesn’t have any other hidden flaws underneath its casing? In the end would you shy away from making the deal? When you pay a considerable amount of money on a piece of professional equipment you want to know it is flawless, both in construction and in operation. You should expect that from a professional equipment manufacturer. These equipments are not some cheap chinese fake clothing articles, where you would expect the label to say: “colours may transfer”.

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If I were in the market for two, yeah, hue tolerance blah blah wouldn’t make me try to reduce the price being asked or make me try to walk away from the sale. Only someone deliberately trying to stir up trouble would even suggest such a thing.

If hue offset wouldn’t be a problem, our friend MisthaJones wouldn’t have opened this thread asking what’s wrong with his equipment. This kind of issue may not be a problem for you, but it may be for others. Ultimately it is about what standards we set for ourselves. From my point of view as long as I am willing to pay a lot of money for an equipment I ask a lot from its manufacturer.

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I don’t even dare to think of you as “sub-par”. What I am trying to point out is the fact that when a manufacturer claims its product offer certain features at a certain standard, then this manufacturer has to deliver exactly what he claims. It doesn’t matter if some features on it’s equipment will be used or not by the customers. What matters is those features should be there as designed and at the standard required, ready to be used by the customers as they see fit. You deserve to be offered quality as long as you are willing to pay for it. Suppose that MistaJones will decide to exchange one of its SC5000 because of its reported issues. This will require an effort on his part, to send the unit back, to wait for the replacement and to not be able to enjoy it as it should.

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Nothing can ever be 100% right, 100% of the time. That’s why there are such things as warranties.

It’s a shame that anything is ever less than 100% / but this is real life

From my end, a warranty should be claimed for accidental wear and tear issues. To enter a mention in a product warranty card for replacing wrong colour LEDs I consider it shamefulll for a company that pride itself to be on the top shelf of Hi-Fi audio equipment. It is hard, very hard, for me to understand this new “real” life when I enjoyed an era when a hi-fi audio equipment would weigh a ton, it was very hard to brake and lasted for more than ten years with just simple service maintenance. And let’s not forget the availability of service and repair manuals which allowed for a good understanding of what’s going on under the hood. Today, sadly, we have to beg for a service and repair manual and nobody even bother to give you an answer as a courtesy, choosing instead to ignore you. Today equipments are tested by the users, when they should be tested by the manufacturer to point of breaking, to know and discover any potential design flawes or other mishaps.


Keep tryin’ . Here’s another example… and it’s also concerning little lights.

Ever tried returning a monitor or tv for dead pixels? You might say that every single little pixel should work … you’d be out of luck…very very very out of luck:

Dell… 6 or more pixels must be dead / extra bright / dark before any warranty action considered

HP … between 5 and 9 depending on model before any warranty action considered

Samsung … very variable depending on clustering, location, color of dead pixels eg locked on red, locked on white before warranty action

ASUs… between 3 and 5 dark / bright before warranty action

Viewsonic … between 1 and 9 dead pixels depending on location before any warranty action

Acer … up to 16 dead pixels before replacement is considered

IBM/Lenovo - 3 or more for replacement

I think the warranty you’re looking for starts with “once upon a time… “ lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I agree one of the original posters sc5000 should be repaired or replaced under warranty, but whilst expecting that every model should be perfect when opened is truely lovely and cozy, it’s simply not realistic thinking on anything, from little green apples to cars, houses, or rocket ships.

Facts there…nothing but facts!

Users are now paying beta testers

I don’t have to nor do I want to “keep trying” to understand a “new life” where good craftsmanship, respect for the customers and a company self-respect has to translate in tolerance for lower standards. If Dell, Asus, Acer, IBM/Lenovo, Pioneer, Denon or whatever professional equipment brand say that for them certain defects are acceptable, well, I have to agree to disagree. We have to keep our self-respect and respect for others! Dont-Lower-Your-Standards