Jog wheel lock up?

I’ve tried to find a similar but topic but I don’t find it. I’m sorry if this topic is already covered.

Tonight both of my jog wheels at some point locked up. I’ve got the Sc 5000. Anyone else encountered this problem?

You mean they just completely stopped responding in rotation, touch, etc? Yet everything else worked?

No. They locked up as in stuck. Had to force them up. I don’t use them heavy or anything. I would imagine that there is some kind of magnet in there to adjust the tightness/looseness and sometimes they just don’t work properly? Both players, after 3 hours of playing

I’ve never encountered quite what you’re talking about.

My newest non-M replacement from InMusic had its jog popped up and stuck when it arrived, but I just popped it down.

Don’t use the tension adjustment too high. Keep them on middle tension or less, preferably much less or minimum. This feature is apparently just plastic on plastic. There is another thread on the topic of the tension adjustment where the guy opened his up. All I use it for is to put the looser jogs up to the tension of the jogs with more tension on their minimum setting.