Jog / Platter "rub" adjustments

Hey everyone, I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find anything here or them internets. Either I’m dumb or it’s just not possible and I’ll be slightly annoyed. Either way, here goes!

Can you adjust the “rub speed” (that’s how I refer it.) Essentially I can’t find where to adjust the rub on the outside of the platter or jog wheel, I’d like it to be less sensitive. Closer to a CDJ or something that you have to spin pretty hard to make it work. The default setting is so aggressive you get pitch bend with the smallest movements.

Thanks in advance! Scotto

Using: Serato DJ & MCX8000 (Windows PC if it matters)

It’s called platter (or jogwheel) nudge sensitivity. In traktor you can adjust it, for Serato google is your friend (or look yourself through settings if it offers). Anyway, not something you need to ask Denon for but Serato it it does not have it.

Thanks for the response. From what I read online, most controllers have adjustments on the unit themselves. I’ve googled a fair amount over this and can’t find any settings in Serato, most indicate it’s an adjustment with the MIDI communication itself within the controller.

I’m shocked I’m the only person that would face this though, especially since most have played on a CDJ where they are very “loose” compared to the 8k.

I think you have read wrong. Jogwheel sensitivity is the how fast the jogwheels/DJ software reacts to touch on top of the jogwheels. Nudge sensitivity is how much spinning the side jogwheels affects playback of the track. So two different things and a lot of controllers do offer touch sensitivity adjustment to avoid problems with touch capacitive technology.

It’s not that simple. Denon will not change the way hardware outputs MIDI values to ALL dj software just because Serato decided to map the jogweel bend on the sensitive side.

If you use your MCX8000 in standalone mode and the nudge is equally sensitive that shows that the unit is ok and that even Serato did not make a mistake by mapping it this way. You will either have to adjust your DJ technique or find something that you’re more comfortable with. Or change software to one that offers more customizing options.