Is Jason Stout still with Denon DJ? If not, why? I haven’t seen any videos by him lately and Denon updates have slowed down.

Ding dong ding dong! Nurse/stewardess call Light above seat go on :slight_smile: tag name tag name lol lol lol

Using the ordinary forum search tools I see that your Jason posted just 1 day ago on the forum, and the firmware updates have speeded up in fact with the most recent 1 posted up 29 day ago.

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Don’t worry. Jason is very much still around. If you didn’t know, he goes by @JWiLL on the forum here.


Thanks! Jason is a tremendous asset and I am glad he is still there.

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haha I’m still very much here!

Our content format is going through a bit of a change (for the better) so you may not see my face as much but you better believe I’m here and working harder than ever. :muscle:

Thanks for the kind words! :blush:


Thanks @Julianus