iTunes to Crates and Playlists


Hey crew, hoping someone can shed some light on the below. I don’t know if this is behavior by design but I’m experience the following challenges.

All my music is managed in iTunes and organised in to intelligent playlists based on genre. Syncing the iTunes library takes forever (an issue I’m aware is being worked on) but regardless, I import all my iTunes playlist folders (with playlists inside) to Engine Prime playlists with the right click > Import as Playlist function. This works fine and the folder and playlists are replicated to Engine Prime perfectly.

Then after updating my iTunes library, I go to re-import the iTunes playlist folder and the option to Import as Playlist is greyed out. I have to go and manually delete the corresponding playlist folder in Engine Prime and then re-import the playlist.

The same occurs when working with crates in place of playlists. Given I keep a library with a lot of genres, this process takes a lot of time and I essentially have to rebuild my Engine Prime library every time I want to update my playlists generated in iTunes.

Between this and the ridiculously long sync of the iTunes library, it’s proving really frustrating to keep my music managed.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? Is there a sync option in a coming update to make the whole process a bit more fluid? Can Engine have a UI feature to say ‘Crate/Playlist already exists. Do you wish to overwrite?’

Trying to love my Prime setup but I keep getting hit with a number of annoying issues.

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Its the same with serato library.

Very long library refresh.

Inability to re-import crates/playlist.

No other appropriate solution except you import your iTunes library once and stick to EP for further library management