iTunes playlists not importing

I have a MacBook Pro with touchbar with up-to-date OS. iTunes is also up to date. ‘Share itunes library xml with other applications’ is ticked in Advanced Preferences In Engine Prime there is nothing showing in the itunes library so I click ‘Update itunes Library’ in the bottom corner. The bottom progress bar shows ‘importing 3750 songs’ (its only a small library on this Macbook) but still nothing appears in the iTunes column. If I click on the ‘File System Browser’ , then ‘Music’ I can locate the iTunes folder and the usual ‘Music’ Folder within showing a list of artists, albums and the songs within them. I can add these individual songs to the Engine Prime collection but I’m not going to do that for every song !! So clearly media files are getting to the File System Browser but not the iTunes playlist I have uninstalled and reinstalled Engine Prime. My Macbook Pro is up to date, itunes is up to date, Share XML is ticked. So why am I not seeing playlists? Appreciate any help, coming from the smooth running Rekordbox this has seen me almost launch my Macbook out of the window with the time I have wasted on this!!

The iTunes XML is in the standard folder, right? I moved mine to another location - that does not work.

Hi Kevin - Thanks for helping and setting me on a path of discovery ! My xml was in the correct location BUT Engine Prime refused to do anything until I renamed it iTunes Music Library.xml from iTunes Library.xml - All seems to be working fine now.

They’ve got work to do on Engine - it’s no Rekordbox that’s for sure !

TRUE! At least yours is running now. I can’t get engine to import anything at all. I was so ready to drop the money. Guess I’ll have to wait…

that’s why I’m using the 3rd party software : “Denon Conversion Utility” can import/copy from ITunes and/or rekordbox straight into Engine, incl the beatgrids, cue’s and loops.

They also now introduced a tool to export from Engine to Rekordbox also with the beatgrid, cue’s and loops.

Shame, these things should just be really easy and intuitive.The following may be of some help …

If you have a file called ‘iTunes Media Library.xml’ drag this to your desktop (or anywhere out of the itunes structure). Then delete the iTunes Library File.xml . Don’t worry this is a file automatically made by the iTunes just make sure you have the ‘Share iTunes library XML with other applications’ ticked in Preferences/Advanced for this to take place. Close iTunes. Refresh or Close and Open again your File/Exlporer and navigate to the itunes folder. Manually change the name of the folder iTunes Library File.xml to iTunes Music Library.xml

The above made Engine Prime work for me as it was intended. If you use Rekordbox or Serato or similar programs you may have to point it at the new library location also

Hope some of that helps and thanks again :slight_smile:

I’ll play with Engine for a bit but it needs lots of new features adding otherwise I’ll stick with Rekordbox and use Decu like you. Just about the only thing I like about it is it can provide Camelot key where that’s another step in Rekordbox via MIK Otherwise it’s all very basic

I find the determination of the KEY in Engine not always very accurate and the downside is that Engine doesn’t put a 0 before the camelot key e.g. 01A instead of 1A which messes up the sorting.

DECU can’t write the KEY directly into Engine, probably has to do with the fact that Engine also allows other key notations besides camelot. But pretty certain DECU will find a way to get the camelot key into Engine.

I hadnt noticed the ‘0’ in front - bugger ! They really need to do that

DECU has issued an update and it now does copy the Camelot KEY field from Rekordbox or MIK to Engine, downside is that Engine does not accept the 0 in front of 01A so DECU translates the 01A back 1A.

Hopefully Denon will improve the sorting on the KEY field as at this moment the sorting is wrong when using the Camelot key.

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Hi there, I Have the exact same problem… running latest versions of engine prime and itunes under mac os high siera. Impossible to import itunes playlist even when i choose to share the music library with other applications. Even the first old engine software import my itunes library, no problem with rekordbox et serato… My music library is stored on my laptop itunes folder but the music files are stored on an external drive… is that the reason why ? Thanks a lot for your help !! :slight_smile:

Any updates on this? I’m getting stuck on importing playlists. It’s just hanging. It’s a real pain!

Just curious how current Mac users running Catalina are updating their iTunes tracks and playlists without an XML share link. I’ve being doing it manually on Apple Music - by saving it as iTunes Music Library.xml but I notice that some tracks import in collection but will not update within a playlist? It works fine on my PC with the Apple music xml sharing.