iTunes on NAS and Engine Prime

While I haven’t tried to store my Engine Prime library on my NAS, I was successfully able to link the iTunes node in Engine Prime to my iTunes library stored on my NAS. This is pretty sweet as once Denon actually adds a relocate function, I can relink the files in my Engine Prime Library to my main library stored on my NAS instead of the internal drive of my laptop. Come on Denon, add that relocate function that 99.9% of your users are screaming for.


Good luck with that…!

NAS support is not there yet too…

I think you’re missing my point. I have my iTunes library on my NAS working just fine. I have Engine Prime running off of my laptop but it sees the iTunes node, analyzes files and sees any playlists from iTunes. So while NAS is not officially supported in Engine Prime, it does read and analyze files through the iTunes node on a NAS.

you got a Synology? DS920+ here.

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Synology DS1621+ here.